Friday, November 12, 2010

Farewell to Fall

I know fall doesn't technically end until just a few days before Christmas, but the fall feeling has definitely already fled here. There are still quite a few blazingly beautiful maples and other trees lighting up the otherwise gray, damp days; many, however, have tossed their leaves, which are now looking less like vivid red and yellow carpets and more like old brown doormats that need to be raked up and composted, the sooner the better.

And it definitely smelled like snow the other morning, after several very cold days on which it seemed that the falling rain might verge into sleet at any moment.

I love the upcoming winter holidays, but I'll miss the beautiful warm colors of autumn.

The witch hazel out back is now the only shrub in the yard displaying glorious color. It's as if
it waited on purpose for all the other plants to shed their leaves so that it could show off all
by itself. Now if only it would flower in January like it's supposed to, and hasn't for years...

Luna the Lab displays her natural camouflaging properties amidst the last of the birch tree's fallen leaves.
Plenty of pumpkins...

...and gourd-geous gourds.


  1. You seriously need to consider entering some of your photos in competition! That shot of Luna is calendar-worthy!--Jayde

  2. Wow...thanks! I keep meaning to get going on Zazzle, but something always comes along to displace that ambition.

    Hard to take a bad picture of a yellow Lab, though ;)

  3. Chris...I second what "Anonymous" said! Fantastic pictures, especially of Luna. I just put her on my desktop (well, not HER, but her image, of course--hehe).