Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bubble Bibelots on Phinney Hill

A curious thing appeared on an outcropping from our rockery one morning in late January of this year. Here it is, photographed in its current home in a sunny window:

At first I didn't touch it, figuring it was some random part off a bicycle or something that a passerby had placed up high for its owner to find, just as people do with assorted odd mittens, children's socks, or toys--perching them on stones or fire hydrants or hanging them from branches. When I looked more closely, however, the blue bubble was obviously a blown-glass piece. I took it indoors to rescue it from its precarious position on our busy street, where it would likely be snatched and smashed on the pavement.

Then, during the next few days, I spotted more bubbles: a pink flame-shaped one, a round peach one, and a clear, red-flecked orb, all placed on rocks or concrete walls along our block.

A week later, a walk down a neighboring street led to the discovery of more than a dozen orbs in rainbow colors dotting the rockeries and walls. So when my daughter and I trekked up the hill yesterday, we thought to bring the camera with us in case we stumbled on any more of the mysterious objects. We even walked on opposite sides of the street to make sure we didn't miss any.

We weren't disappointed! Glassy gewgaws turned up at every few houses, twinkling during the rare March sunbreak we were enjoying.

We still don't know who has bedecked our neighborhood with these wonderful things, or why (though I am suspecting a local glass studio), other than just to bedazzle, charm, intrigue, and amuse people. But I am very glad they did this.