Thursday, March 10, 2016

Just a Little Spring Bling

All in all it was a pretty mild winter, but it's still nice to be bidding it farewell and welcoming the first signs of spring.

Mornings now ring with the songs of Pacific wrens, Bewick's wrens, song sparrows, and varied thrushes, with percussion added by the flickers drumming on trees, streetlights, and metal gutters.

I went out to poke around in the garden to see what it's been up to since I bothered much about it late last fall.

Periwinkles are the first fireworks to bring a burst of color.

Flower buds on viburnum, waiting to unfurl.

A trio of mushrooms. Couldn't quite catch the curly woolly-lamb
look of their stalks because their whiteness blinded my camera.

Somebody was nesting up in the magnolia last year!

Sedum rain saucer
Hellebore flower

The earthworms are still sleepy and quite grumpy about being disturbed.

Miniature daffodils are wide awake and honking.

Rhubarb is growing by leaps and bounds and will
be ready for harvest within weeks. Pie!

The first periwinkle.

Drops on a tulip leaf

Evidence that the red-naped sapsucker has been drilling in our plum tree.

Redtwig dogwood leaves serenely folded.

Huckleberry blossom

Branches that snapped and fell from on high over the winter bear
loads of fungi and lichen that are quite beautiful.

Moss! Acres of moss! Sit still too long and you, too, can be covered with it.