Friday, May 6, 2016

A Fling with Spring Bling, Part 2

A friend requested "more, please!" after my last posting about life reasserting itself in the garden upon the arrival of spring (this one's for you, JB ;) and now that we're halfway through the season, life has certainly reasserted itself with a vengeance.

A bamboo grew four feet tall in one week and other plants are working hard to keep pace. The hummingbirds consume the contents of the nectar feeder faster than my daughter's weighty truck swallows gasoline. Chickadees snatch every bit of fluff shed by the dog. Buttercups threaten to engulf the house.

Here's a few pix. Planning to spend as much time this weekend in the garden as possible, as long as the sun's out!


Wild columbine, or at least the back of one. These beautiful little flowers
bashfully hold their heads down and don't look up til the last minute.

Leafhopper trekking down a columbine stem

The leaves of a heuchera get all the glory, but their flowers are pretty cool, too.


Always love pansy faces! So cheerful.

Interior of geum

Dizzying fern


Hard to capture maple flowers as it was breezy. They always
remind me of shooting stars.

Interior of rhododendron flower

Interior of rhododendron

Cottonwood-seed snowdrift