Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Magycke of Unicorns

OK, so a bunch of unicorns is actually known as a "blessing" (one of the many collective terms for animals that have their origins in poetic works dating back to the 1400s and are not, as is popularly believed on the Internet, established technical terms--which in no way diminishes how clever or pretty they are).

Certainly being infested with unicorns would be a blessing, compared to the rabble of rats we recently paid to have eliminated, and the irritation of fleas we suppressed. (I realize that we may now have guaranteed that nobody will be visiting us anytime soon.)

Hmm. An infestation of unicorns would probably mean lots of sparkles and rainbows. I could deal with that.

Anyway, I did happen to notice an uptick in unicorn sightings this past week.

I encountered this at one of my favorite coffee shops, Java Bean in Ballard:

A day or two later, this sign appeared in another coffee shop, this time in Duvall:

Then an ordinary trip to the grocery store--about the most mundane errand imaginable--yielded yet another unicorn sighting (and this one even *lights* *up*):

Shortly after, I was browsing in a bookstore and took a photograph of a book I wanted to remember to check out later on at the library...and when I looked at the photo online, tucked way up in the corner (cropped and enlarged here for your benefit) was yet another unicorn, on a different book.

It's not like we have a shortage of unicorns at home. There is this one in the bedroom, created by the Resident Teenager back when she was the Resident Kindergartner:

 And its twin, in the bathroom:

And this goofy little guy, leaning against a Belleek butter dish...

who lives right next door to a unicorn crafted out of an old flocked toy pony by an artist friend.

We are blessed with unicorns, indeed.

("Right, blessed," says Charley. "Sure, yeah, blessed, whatever. Go away and let me sleep.")