Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Trip to England, Part 4: A Sign Post

Another lazy roundup of pictures according to a theme as I continue to sort through 1,093 images, a collection that includes lots of fuzzy distant shots of birds. Today it's signs that struck us (fortunately, not literally) for one reason or another.

My favorite sign, frequently encountered in the UK
Just lovely old words that sound like places one would like to visit (Wallingford, England).
There are still ladies, gentlemen, and milliners in Wallingford, England.
I just like how this jaunty little fellow looks so happy about marching to neolithic Silbury Hill.
Oh. You don't believe us? You think we're overstating the case?
Fine. Go talk to the guy with the horns.
Danger: Pit of bacon ahead. Use caution while driving.
Life is full of uncertainty. One minute you're falling into the Sea of Curtain Ruffles, the next minute you discover that someone left the dry-ice machine running in your house.
Another wonderful old street sign, beckoning with so many places to go.
I love how somebody just said "You think it's twee, I think it's ME" and gave their house this name and plaque (Burnham-on-Crouch).
Profound? Misplaced priorities? Exactly right priorities? Sign of the end times, so to speak? Discuss amongst yourselves. It's definitely focused on the nitty-gritty and inescapable in life. Spotted in Wells.