Friday, July 13, 2012

Visit to England, Part 2: Kitty Cats

Felines, nothing more than felines...the Internet was invented by cats, wasn't it? Certainly they must be heavily invested in MewTube...oops, I mean YouTube. Anyway, it's Friday and it's summmer and therefore highly appropriate to share photos of the cats we encountered on our recent trip to England.

Kitten 1 of a trio adopted by my  niece: this little girl is Austen.
Wilde, the boy of the bunch, rambling in the walled garden of
my niece's new home. These are the luckiest kittens in the world!
Clever, spunky Bronte, the runt of the litter but clearly
destined to be the leader of the pack and head of the class.
She is rarely called by her literary name
as she is more frequently addressed as "Naughty."
Cat sunbathing, Burcott Mills, Wookey
Cat (possibly) on column in Wells Cathedral, Wells
A cat may look at a king, and sometimes it
may even nap on the Bishop's chair.
Wells Cathedral is the seat of the Bishop
of Bath and Wells, and this moggy
has laid claim to it, quite literally.

Weathervane cat enjoying a fish atop a rooftop in Maldon, Essex