Monday, December 17, 2012

Every Tree's the Best Tree Ever

We usually fetch our Christmas tree from a forest of firs set up in the lot of a fruit and vegetable stand near our house. But this year, we decided to venture out of the city and visit a u-cut tree farm, and make a day of it by stopping at a quaint place to have lunch.

I don't know how that devolved into eating Chinese noodles in the food court of the local mall, seeing "Lincoln," and then picking out a tree in a lot just across town. Oh well. It was still a lovely day.

 And it's a lovely tree. Funny how every year, the tree we pick out is The Best One We've Ever Had.

The chosen tree swooshes through the baler.

It's carried home atop the car, Romney-style.
Ruh-roh. A bit too tall. Another scrape added to the ceiling.
A great thrift-store find: vintage ornament hooks--the only kind that work.
To Pebble and Django, the tree is just a glorified water fountain.