Sunday, June 5, 2011


Camera battery is recharging so any brilliant and not-so-brilliant ideas for posts must be postponed (ha! a new meaning for this verb), making this a good time to toss out some links to other people's blog postings that I recently enjoyed.

A kindred spirit across the waters has these beautiful pictures of Spanish and Portuguese horses and riders performing classical horsemanship.

Another kindred spirit in England who also happens to be a dear relation wrote about horses, too,  but in quite a different vein in "The New Forest Pony Survival Guide" (as in her survival of camping in their realm, not the perpetuation of the breed).

A local author who has written about crows and other Northwestern creatures muses on tidying up a sewing box one morning, which resonated with me because my sewing basket is in a similar muddle, a veritable spider's web of tangled thread and odd items such as a doll's tiny pair of black riding boots.

I loved this post by an Arizona photographer and writer about nature photography because I laughed so much when she shared outtakes from her shoots to show that that "perfect picture" is obtained only after taking a great many not-so-hot ones.

Ever notice how things come in threes? This morning I discovered that three news-oriented blogs I subscribe to featured, of all things, penguins. One was about some NYC kids Skyping with the penguin keeper at the local zoo, another explained the intricacies of movement within a huddle of emperor penguins in Antarctica, and the third was about the wonderful book Mr. Popper's Penguins (and hopefully at least a bit as wonderful) soon-to-be-released movie version.