Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ode to a Rice Cooker

Riced in Peace.
 O Cooker, we
Are broken-hearted
That you are
Tragically departed.

You cooked up
Lovely, fluffy rice,
Making mealtimes
Very nice.

With rice, we always
Had good luck:
Your nonstick surface
Never stuck.

Another thing we liked,
O Cooker:
As rice pots go,
You were a looker.

Tubby, short,
And cherry red!
A tragic loss
That you are dead.

And now you face
The fate of all
Things that are
Shaped like a bowl:

Filled with dirt,
You will now not
Cook rice, but be
A flower pot.


  1. Oh no! R.I.P., Mr. Rival. I hate it when old appliances that we've become somewhat attached to die. Maybe I'm weird (no, wait, I KNOW I'm weird) but they sorta become like members of the family, lol. At least he will still serve a function.

  2. You hit the nail on the head :) This little pot was indeed like a pet! And I was all girly-girl when I got it--picked it over all the other rice cookers because it was red and matched the kitchen. And it was a faithful pet...even fully cooked the last batch of rice before conking out. *sniff*