Friday, December 30, 2011

More Signs of the Times

Because I am between monumental tasks of a tedious nature, here are some of the signs and other wordings around town that made me think twice over the past two months, presented for your amusement.

Door in Pike Place Market that made me think,
well, don't all doors do this? They open, they
close. Why don't all doors have this sign? It is
what doors are meant to do, after all.
Or else they'd be walls.
Sign at Green Lake, which may need to be renamed
"Practical Joke Acres." Beware of banana peels on path,
clowns with seltzer bottles, and randomly flung pies.
A note found in the dog's water bowl, placed there by
resident stupidhead Django the Art Cat. And it's not even
true. He's got claws. He's got fangs.
If you can't get the owners to cooperate,
perhaps it's best to go directly to the dogs.
We were driving behind this great big dump truck, and
you know what? We're a lot smaller. We wouldn't even
think of shoving the dump truck.
What more can one say? I love the fact that this bumper sticker
happens to be on a car called a Cougar. This is one tough grandma.

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