Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nature, Exchanged

I have been meaning to sit down and write about the lovely package of found-in-nature items that I received in the mail as part of a fun swap arranged by the folks at The Magnifying Glass.

My parcel came from Annie of The Kademy. It was filled with tidbits from her Massachusetts habitat, which is not far removed from the ones I was familiar with growing up on Long Island and later living in Connecticut, Vermont, and New Jersey. As you can see, it includes things fluffy, fuzzy, feathery, limey, and sandy.

Feathers from chickens
Milkweed seeds and silk
Angora bunny fur
Beach sand
There was a lovely bunch of sweetly scented lavender, too, and dozens of acorn caps, which will be put to good use in crafts.

They will have to be kept out of the reach of the Bad Cat, Django, who would love to steal everything and immerse it in the dog's water bowl, the graveyard of all small unattended objects in the house.

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