Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

Dog and I went for a long, long perambulation this weekend. (She is so attuned to the word "W-A-L-K," I dare not even type it, let alone say it.) The forecast: scattered signs of spring despite heavy gray clouds, chill, and drizzle.

Daffodils (with snowdrops in background) blooming in the Rose Garden.
Jigsaw bark of a pine (possibly Ponderosa?).

Crows...always crows
The Valentine's tree on Phinney Hill wears its hearts on its leaves
Woebegone Weimeraner in window
P.S. If you're a horse fan, I have my daughter's cell-phone pictures from behind-the-scenes at "Cavalia" over on my horsy/kids' book site here.

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