Friday, January 6, 2012

Why, Thank You

A brief aside from blogging to say "thank you" to the author of Learning Table, who kindly bestowed a "Versatile Blogger" award on me.

I'd never heard of this before, and being a cautious and somewhat paranoid person by nature, immediately worried that perhaps I was going to be offered a million dollars if I transferred money from my account into a bank in a developing nation, or that I was now about to be hacked and lose the entire 27 cents in my retirement account, or something.

But no. It's just a nice acknowledgement from blogger to blogger.

I am now recalling one of my favorite cover images from the New Yorker, created by Charles Addams and published on February 16, 1981 (original found on the New Yorker site here).

This unexpected and welcome surprise comes with a few instructions for paying it forward, and made me realize how many of the blogs I follow are Big Blogs (courtesy of the New York Times, Discover magazine, and the like) and so served as a gentle reminder that perhaps I should scope out and add some new blogs. I'm sure I'm missing out on many gems.

I'm supposed to say thank you with a link back (see above, and thanks again!), share 7 things about myself, and acknowledge 15 other blogs (and let them know about it), though for now I can only do about half that (as The New York Times is surely not interested in getting an award from me!). Consider it a new year's resolution to fulfill the bargain.

And so, I have likewise paid it forward to these blogs: Books, Mud, Compost. And Horses; The Slow-Cooked Sentence; Arizona Writer; Internal Monologues of a Serial Thinker; Woolpets; and The Magnifying Glass. There will be (doing quick math) 9 more in future.

Oh, yeah, the 7 things about myself. Feel free to stop here if the prospect of reading same will cause you to fall fast asleep and hit your face on your keyboard, causing you to lose a tooth and incur expensive dental bills.

1. One of my favorite books is The Summer Book by Tove Jansson.
2. I would love to have a pet fox.
3. I would like to learn to groom and tack up a horse.
4. Every day is a bad hair day for me.
5. I drink coffee at both independent coffee houses and at Starbucks, and I do not think this makes me a bad person.
6. I stockpile huge amounts of craft supplies, embarrassingly huge amounts, and never get around to doing any crafting, and then feel guilty because I've been so flahoolick.
7. I have more black long-sleeved cotton v-neck shirts than I possibly need and do not know how I arrived at that situation.