Friday, August 30, 2013

Late Summer: Walk in the Woods

I trailed my daughter as she and Avi ambled through the woods on a late-summer morning, a day that dawned clean and fresh after a furious downpour of nighttime rain. They were soon out of sight, leaving me on my own in silence that was punctuated now and then by the caroling of a winter wren.

Several trees growing from a "grandmother stump" 
A ravine, one among many--no wonder the news here is full of stories of ponies stuck in ravines

These two soon receded into the distance

Detail of old wooden table languishing in the woods

Beautiful leaded windows on old farmhouse

Old farmhouse in woods

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  1. It is a lovely walk...and I got to do it "in person" a few weekends ago. The house does intrigue me. It might fix up quite nice! Lauri