Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Visit to England, Part 1: Doors to Past and Present

My husband's roots are embedded in his English homeland; mine trail back to Ireland and Germany via my grandparents, who emigrated from those countries. Visiting these lands, and especially the ancient villages tucked among the hills and valleys of lush green farm fields, always feels like returning home.

Surely this feeling is mostly generated by the warm welcome we receive from family members who really do make their home there and isn't entirely the product of some deep-seated Celtic-Anglo-Saxon spirit lurking in our bones.  Their doors are always open to us. And that metaphor gives me an easy-peasy way to start sorting through 1,093 photographs of varying quality from this trip.

Old door, side street, Wallingford

Door in stone wall, public footpath, Wookey

House Door, Vicar's Close, Wells
Doors on high street, Burnham-on-Crouch

Garage Door, Burnham-on-Crouch
Door, storeroom-now-museum, Wells Cathedral


  1. Ah, all lovely. And so English. Makes me very glad that I will be there myself in a week and a half.

  2. To quote Napoleon Dynamite, "Luck-eeeee!" I didn't know you were headed there. Where will you be? Can I stow away in your luggage? Oh wait. There's a 50-lb limit. I think they'd detect me.