Sunday, September 29, 2013

Signs That You Don't Live in Seattle Anymore...

Quite literally, these are signs that indicate you don't live in the city anymore.

In Seattle you just see signs saying you
can't bring your dog, cat, or potbellied pig
onto the playground.
If you miss the bears, don't worry;
there may be a cougar around the corner.
You may not be able to fool a bear or a cougar,
but apparently beavers can be duped.
Which makes me wonder: Are gulls gullible?
Why in heck fire doesn't the city of Seattle
have signs like this? Golly, there'd be no crime at all. 
No. Really. There IS water over the roadway. Happens every time
there's a heavy rain. We have to detour a whole 3 minutes out of our
way to get to the grocery store when it happens. Life's rugged here.
I'm not a horsewoman, yet even I know
it would be foolish to ride your horse
on this rickety little bridge in the woods.
Apparently some riders did not.
Oh, and don't bring your horses here, either.

Or here.
And as for the main street in downtown Woodinville, that's out, too.
If your horse can't read, perhaps Fido can.

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