Wednesday, October 2, 2013

For Whom the Wormer Oozes

I have pilled cats.

I have forced medicine down the gullet of a sick parakeet.

I have managed to administer subcutaneous fluids to a cat with failing kidneys to keep it hydrated.

I do not wish to handle any medical procedures involving a horse.

Luckily, the Resident Teen easily handles all the messy jobs that come with caring for horses. (And they are legion.) Last week's task was convincing this 1,100-pound beast that getting a syringe full of nasty worm medicine injected into your mouth really wasn't such a big deal.

"Here you go, baby."

"Yuk. No like. Stop, Mom."

"You no understand. Me no like. Go 'way."


"I spit a wad of grass and wormer in your general direction."
"An apple will make the bad taste go away."
"Humph. Things horse must endure. Even apple taste bad now!"


  1. Some taste better than others, sometimes it's worth paying that bit extra so you don't have to purchase another wormer because the horse has spit it out.

  2. LOL Carol, thanks! Yes, the glob of wormer/grass looks massive because I cropped the really wasn't as much as it looks like. Most of it got into the horse!